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How a Solar Hot Water System Works

While the technology behind solar hot water systems may seem complex, when broken down, how a solar hot water geyser works is easy to understand – particularly a solar hot water geyser supplied and installed by Solar Advantage as it only requires a few components installed to your home or business.

How a solar hot water systems work

The sun shines on the solar hot water geyser panels throughout the day generating hot water and is supplied as follows:

    How solar hot water systems work

  • In our basic freestanding kit, this hot water is available by simply turning the tap, the temperature may be controlled by installing a temperature control valve (mixing valve).
  • With a new installation, this hot water would be plumbed/fed directly into your hot water line thus giving you free hot water to your establishment, home or business.
  • Retrofit to your existing geyser, here the hot water is plumbed/fed directly into your existing geyser, thus eliminating the need to use electricity to heat the water in your geyser. This set-up also increases the overall volume of hot water available to the house or business.

Whenever the sun shines (and even in overcast weather), the solar panels on the solar geyser will generate hot water, which can then be used by the property/household or business.

When the solar geyser is not producing hot water, for example at night, your geyser will be powered by the mains if necessary and the normal electricity charges for power would be incurred, but this would only happen if all the hot water available in both geysers had been consumed.

As all of the components in the solar hot water system have no moving parts and the unit when installed by Solar Advantage has a five-year warranty, you can expect a long and hassle free life from your solar hot water geyser.

Installing a Solar Hot Water Geyser

Most customers choose a roof mounted solar system. For most of South Africa, the solar geyser should be installed facing north in order to take full advantage of the sun; however, depending on your requirements a north-west facing installation may also be considered.

Our Solar Advantage installers will aim to install the solar hot water geysers at an angle that ensures that the glass face of the solar geyser is positioned at 30 to 45 degrees to the sun for most of the day.

What’s the right size system? How much will it cost?

As everyone’s needs are different and the generation potential of a solar hot water system differs from place to place, a quick way to get an answer to both these questions would be to contact our team of friendly consultants for free, no-obligation advice on determining the cost and estimated benefit of an installation in your area.

You can also learn more about solar hot water systems by browsing the pages on our websites.

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