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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find questions that regularly get asked with regards to the solar hot water geyser. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact us by email or simply give us a call.



The Solar Geyser has been tested between -20º for 24 hours and +85º Celsius for a period of 3000 hours and there were no problems. The T.P. Valve, (Safety Valve), will release steam from the geyser if the temperature is above 80º Celsius.

The Solar Geyser will not freeze or burst in very cold or sub-zero temperatures.

The Solar Geyser will lose temperature overnight, how much depends on the ambient temperature and how long the night is as well as how strong the sun is the following day.

The Solar Geyser may not be heating the water for a few reasons.
  1. There is no sun.
  2. The geyser is being shaded by trees.
  3. The geyser is not facing north, north-west.
  4. The geyser is not angled to the correct angle – 35 to 45 degrees.
Solar Geyser Sun


The Solar Geyser, if connected to a municipal water connection, can withstand water pressure of NO MORE than 300 Kpa. A pressure reducing valve is supplied with the various kits to reduce the municipal water pressure into the Solar Geyser. Failure to connect the municipal water connection through the supplied PRV (pressure reducing valve) will result in damage to the geyser and will void any warranty.

Because the Solar Geyser has a pressure reducing valve when connected to a municipal water connection, this reduces the pressure of the HOT water to 300 Kpa. If the COLD water pressure is higher than 400 Kpa, the two different pressures oppose each other. This may result in the cold water pressure “pushing” harder than the HOT water and therefore reduced pressure could result. The solution is to put a pressure reducing valve on the COLD water connection into the house that is set to 300 / 400 Kpa.



The Solar Geyser needs a frame when mounted to a wall, (when the roof is not north-facing), or when the geyser is installed on a flat roof, or when the geyser is used for Manual feed.

Solar Geyser Stand

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