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Manual Feed for Solar Water Geyser Installation

The direct manual feed setup allows a low-pressure system such as a JOJO water tank to be connected directly to the solar hot water geyser or to fill it manually from any container via a funnel into the inlet pipe. Hot water will then be available at the taps on the side of the unit.

Installation Requirements:

  • 1 or 2 taps with a ¾ inch male thread.
  • A funnel to fill the geyser.
  • 2 X L shape 25mm pipe lengths
  • A metal frame with Legs on castor wheels.

For a manual feed setup (see bottom right of diagram below), the items listed above will be required and may be ordered directly from Solar Advantage as a “Manual Feed Kit” and comprises of the Solar Hot Water Geyser which is filled manually by means of a bucket or a hosepipe via a funnel that is attached to the top right or left-hand inlet of the solar geyser. An air pipe must be attached to the top side of the solar geyser opposite the funnel and a tap or two can be attached to the centre and bottom of the solar geyser, opposite the funnel where the hot water will be drawn.

Once the above is fitted correctly, the solar hot water unit can be filled up with cold water through the funnel and the hot water is drawn out through either of the taps on the opposite side.

Place the solar geyser facing North and after two to three hours of exposure to the sun hot water will be available. The hottest water will be available from the top tap and should, therefore be drawn from here first, after a bit more time in the sun, the unit will be filled with hot water which may be drawn from either of the taps.

If the solar hot water geyser is refilled after water is drawn from the centre tap, the water will need time to be heated again and this may take 2-3 hours of good exposure to the sun.

Manual Feed Installation from a JOJO Tank


Solar Hot Water – Gravity Feed kit

Installation Requirements:

  • 1 x Taps with a ¾ inch male thread.
  • A steel frame with Legs on castor wheels if floor mounted
  • A steel frame with legs if flat roof mounted.
  • Tile roof hooks if the geyser is mounted on a tile roof.
  • IBR or corrugated Roof hooks if the geyser is mounted on an IBR or corrugated roof.
  • A Basic Installation Kit if the water supply system uses pumps to increase pressure.

For a gravity feed type of installation which is normally used where water is supplied via a JOJO type tank connection, the JOJO tank is connected to the solar hot water geyser’s cold water inlet at the bottom left or right-hand side and feeds cold water into the system, the hot water outlet can then be fitted with taps or fed directly into the building as a hot water supply. Place the solar hot water geyser in a North facing position with no obstructions and within a couple of hours of exposure to the sun, hot water will be available.




The Basic Installation Kit may be ordered directly from Solar Advantage.

If the cold water pressure going into the building is at a pressure higher than 3 bar, a non return pressure reducing valve (PRV) must be inserted onto the cold water supply to the building or else there will be a pressure imbalance, which will prevent the hot water from coming out of the solar hot water geyser.

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