Solar Advantage

Installation Variations

Solar Advantage Thermosyphon Installation

Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water Geyser Installation

When the solar hot water geyser is installed on the roof at a lower position than the electric geyser, the water in the electric geyser will circulate through the solar hot water geyser and back into the electric geyser. This is a natural phenomenon called thermosyphon. The natural rising of the hot water creates pressure

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Solar Geyser Retrofit

Solar Hot Water Geyser Retrofit Installation

Retrofit the solar hot water geyser to an existing geyser, installed as a pre-feed to the existing geyser installation thus reducing your geyser electricity bill by up to 70% – Free Hot Water. There are two types of retrofit installations but the installation and the installation kit used are exactly the same. Installation Requirements: A retrofit

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Solar Hot Water Geyser – New Installation

New Solar Hot Water Geyser Installation

A new geyser installation allows the solar hot water geyser to be fitted directly to your water system, suitable for low or high-pressure water conditions, this eliminates the need for a normal electric geyser. Installation Requirements: A Basic Installation Kit. A steel frame if the solar hot water geyser is mounted on a flat roof.

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Manual Feed Installation from a JOJO Tank

Manual Feed for Solar Water Geyser Installation

The direct manual feed setup allows a low-pressure system such as a JOJO water tank to be connected directly to the solar hot water geyser or to fill it manually from any container via a funnel into the inlet pipe. Hot water will then be available at the taps on the side of the unit.

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