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Best Practice When Installing The Solar Geyser

When installing the solar hot water geyser the following should be taken into account or given to your nominated installer to read.
Solar Advantage Best Practices

At What Angle Should the Solar Hot Water Geyser Be Installed?
  • The solar hot water geyser must be fitted on a north facing roof at a 30-45 degree angle so as to ensure that the solar system receives maximum sunshine throughout the day.
What About Trees and Shade?
  • For optimum efficiency, ensure that no trees or shrubs obstruct the sunshine from shining onto the solar geyser. Ideally, it should be in full sunshine throughout the day.
How Far from My Existing Geyser Should The Solar Unit Be Installed?
  • The solar geyser panel should be installed as close as possible to the existing electric geyser, but no more than 10 meters away so as to minimize any heat loss from the piping.
In Simple Terms, How Does The System Work?
  • When hot water is drawn from the system late in the afternoon/evening, hot water which has been heated up by the solar geyser during the day will be drawn into the electric geyser and will provide hot water for use the following morning. This eliminates the need for the electric geyser to heat the water as it is continuously being replenished by hot water from the solar geyser, thus reducing the electricity bill.
What Temperature Should My Existing Geyser Be Set To?
  • Once the solar hot water geyser has been installed, we recommend turning the thermometer on the electric geyser down to a maximum of 55 degrees celsius.  This ensures that on sunless days or on days where excessive amounts of hot water have been consumed during the evening, you will still have hot water available albeit heated by the electric geyser. If you find that the electric geyser is being used more often than not, it could mean that you need a larger solar hot water system, simply contact us for FREE advice.
What Fittings Are Essential To Protect The Solar Geyser?
  • To protect the solar hot water geyser supplied by Solar Advantage, fit a 300Kpa non-return pressure reducing valve (PRV) on the cold water supply to the system,  a temperature/pressure relief valve and a vacuum breaker to the solar geyser. If unsure simply follow the detailed diagrams on our installations page or contact us during office hours.
What About Heat Loss Through The Piping?
  • The hot water supply piping from the existing geyser in the roof space should be lagged to prevent heat loss, particularly during the winter months when most heat loss occurs. Should this piping in your home not be lagged, we can supply and fit. Please check our services page for current pricing.

If you have any other questions, please view our FAQ (frequently asked questions page) or contact us directly during office hours on the numbers below.

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