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Solar Hot Water Geyser

How a Solar Hot Water System Works

While the technology behind solar hot water systems may seem complex, when broken down, how a solar hot water geyser works is easy to understand – particularly a solar hot water geyser supplied and installed by Solar Advantage as it only requires a few components installed to your home or business. How a solar hot

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Solar Advantage Best Practices

Best Practice When Installing The Solar Geyser

When installing the solar hot water geyser the following should be taken into account or given to your nominated installer to read. At What Angle Should the Solar Hot Water Geyser Be Installed? The solar hot water geyser must be fitted on a north facing roof at a 30-45 degree angle so as to ensure

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Solar Advantage Thermosyphon Installation

Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water Geyser Installation

When the solar hot water geyser is installed on the roof at a lower position than the electric geyser, the water in the electric geyser will circulate through the solar hot water geyser and back into the electric geyser. This is a natural phenomenon called thermosyphon. The natural rising of the hot water creates pressure

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Solar Geyser Retrofit

Solar Hot Water Geyser Retrofit Installation

Retrofit the solar hot water geyser to an existing geyser, installed as a pre-feed to the existing geyser installation thus reducing your geyser electricity bill by up to 70% – Free Hot Water. There are two types of retrofit installations but the installation and the installation kit used are exactly the same. Installation Requirements: A retrofit

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Solar Hot Water Geyser – New Installation

New Solar Hot Water Geyser Installation

A new geyser installation allows the solar hot water geyser to be fitted directly to your water system, suitable for low or high-pressure water conditions, this eliminates the need for a normal electric geyser. Installation Requirements: A Basic Installation Kit. A steel frame if the solar hot water geyser is mounted on a flat roof.

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Manual Feed Installation from a JOJO Tank

Manual Feed for Solar Water Geyser Installation

The direct manual feed setup allows a low-pressure system such as a JOJO water tank to be connected directly to the solar hot water geyser or to fill it manually from any container via a funnel into the inlet pipe. Hot water will then be available at the taps on the side of the unit.

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