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We are committed to helping South Africans reduce their electricity bills

Solar Advantage is one of South Africa’s newest companies dedicated to solar energy and is committed to helping South Africans reduce their electricity bills with quality solar hot water systems at affordable prices.

Solar Advantage sources products that have been tested in South Africa’s harsh conditions and meet the stringent standards as laid down by the South African Bureau Of Standards (SABS). With expertise in solar hot water systems, Solar Advantage is able to provide flexible, clean solar water heating solutions for almost all needs.

Our installers are trained to install to the most stringent South African Standards and have a wealth of experience in solar hot water systems. With Solar Advantage as your supplier and installer, you can have a solar hot water system up and running within a day. . . Keeping it simple and economical.

our Vision

Solar Advantage aims to establish a nationwide team of passionate and knowledgeable solar hot water advocates and expert installers using locally supplied solar products, with the sole aim of saving South Africans on their electricity bill.

our Mission

To be the best solar hot water supplier and installation company in South Africa for residential and commercial systems, whilst continually striving to maintain excellence in components, installation, and superior customer service.

Solar hot water systems may have been treated with some suspicion a decade or so ago but the technology is now at an advanced stage where you can have a solar hot water geyser installed on your roof and plumbed directly into your hot water line or existing geyser reducing your geyser electricity bill by up to 80% from month one – and it will continue to work for a very long time with next to no maintenance.

Why Choose Us

Excellent Products,  Affordable Pricing and Exceptional Customer Service !

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We also understand that purchasing a solar hot water system can be a confusing process and at a substantial cost, so you can trust we will provide you with exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less, at possibly the best price around. It doesn’t matter where you are located in South Africa or how big your order is, we will get it to you rapidly.

If you have a question about solar hot water systems, our company, or any of our products or if you are a member of the press looking for information on solar hot water systems in South Africa, email or call us we’d love to hear from you and look forward to assisting and welcoming you as one of our valued clients!

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